Ditching the 3fe for modern performance and economy.

We have been doing engine swaps in Landcruisers since 1985, of course back then more power was the only concern, these days we all want our cake and eat it too. Thanks to GM's Atlas engine program which began in 2002 we can have the best of both worlds, great power curves and modern economy. This particular FJ Swap is our proof of concept test vehicle. While we have completed a few Atlas swaps, this build used for before and after performance data and verification of our transmission to transfer case adapter. 

Built in 1991 this FJ80 has 235,000+ miles on the clock (12,000 + on the Atlas) as usual the 3fe was still running strong and in decent shape. However our client was looking for some more towing power and economy. A perfect candidate for a 5 cylinder swap.


 Front axle has been completely rebuilt including bearings, races, seals, rotors, EBC brake pads, and stainless brake hoses. Old Man Emu Medium duty 2.5" lift kit. All front and rear suspension bushings replaced with new OEM bushings. New tires, new Optima yellow top, and radiator. 



60 foot                      4.696          3.547                    -1.149

330 foot                  10.192          8.525                    -1.668

1/8 mile                  15.192          13.085                  -2.107

1000 foot               19.2375        17.237                  -2.001

1/4 mile ET             22.71675     19.885                   -2.832

1/4 mile MPH         62.075         73.975                   11.900

0-60                        21.703          14.553                   -7.151


WEIGHT           STOCK            SWAPPED

FRONT             2700                 2440

REAR                2360                 2280

TOTAL              5060                 4720

DIFFERENCE              -340