If you know me you know I like Nissans. I have been lucky enough to own a few odd/rare ones, well at least rare in the USA. It all started with my first Nissan JDM car, a 1995 R33 GTR (traded my turbo'd 635 BMW for), then I had a super clean, completely stock S14 Silvia, a GTiR, a Stagea wagon, the Laurel which I still own. Now, I have added another RHD to the list of JDM Nissans I have owned. This 1993 Y32 Gloria. I had been looking for a new daily, I considered a Volvo of which I have had more of than Nissans over the years. While on the hunt for the perfect Volvo I found the Gloria for sale. It had already been in the states for awhile which is nice to not have to wait for it to come over on the boat. 

The Y32 Gloria comes with a VG30DET motor which puts out 250hp stock.

I probably won't do many upgrades in order to maintain some semblance of "daily" to it. However as i write this I received an email reply from the  Nistune guys asking me for the ECU number to see if they support it...