We are excited to announce our next big project. "Black Mariah" Our client has a very solid design in mind which makes our job much easier. Here is a build outline we are starting from.     

  • All metal body (minimal rust deterioration, minimal repair glass). Ok to replace floor pans. Want hood & trunk to be nosed & decked (no ornaments). Modest pin striping in place of emblems. Want the side chrome on body.
  • All chrome to be re-chromed. Front & rear bumpers with no bumper guards on them.
  • New tinted glass windshield, side & rear glass darkened to legal specs.
  • No continental kit, nor fender skirts. No rear radio antennae.
  • Bench seat ok; no high back bucket seats. Prefer roll n tuck. All black interior. Tilting steering wheel. SW 270' Tach & SW oil, alt, & temp gauges mounted under dash. Tach on steering wheel.
  • 14" chrome reverse wheels, baby moon hubcaps, and red line tires.
  • Lake pipe w/chrome cap on each side, that come out between front wheel & fender.
  • Raked with about 10" from bottom of bumper in front, and about 16" in back.
  • Black paint, 3-4 coats, (no clear?). Pin striping to be a contrasting purple/orchid. Same color for the words "Black Mariah" penned on the bottom rear of each front fender (kick panel area). Word "Black" above "Mariah", at a forty-five degree angle on fender.
  • Amber front turning signal lenses.
  • New A Frame parts with Wilwood disk brakes, cut springs to lower car.
  • Would like a built engine. A 327/350, or similar. A 4 sp tranny, 12 bolt posi, with traction bars. Gear ratio ? PS, PB. A new or rebuilt heavy duty radiator. Hurst shifter that curves over the bench seat.
  • 2" exhaust tubing, glass mufflers, coming out below the back bumper, about 4 feet apart; with chrome, straight extensions, mounted close to bottom of bumper.