Announcing "Wilder" SOLD
Announcing "Wilder"

As is current pricing: Mounted on S-10 frame, comes with 5.3 motor/trans shown in pictures. Please call for more...

Updated on October 9 2018

Queen City Truck SOLD
Queen City Truck

1948 Chevrolet Pickup. Found in a dry boat storage shed where she sat for 38 years. Bought from the original own...

Updated on October 9 2018

1972 Plymouth Valiant SOLD
1972 Plymouth Valiant

Sleeper in the waiting.  We bought this 1972 4 door Valiant from the second owner with intentions of greatn...

Updated on September 21 2017

1996 Ford F-150 $40,000
1996 Ford F-150

This 1996 F-150 has come to us to add the finishing touches to the customers long time project. This very well, ...

Updated on June 16 2017

1964 Rambler Classic 660 $3,500
1964 Rambler Classic 660

Just recently bought by TW, this classic wagon is going to get a few modifications.  Nothing to crazy....Ai...

Updated on March 24 2017

Malta II

 The 2nd AD truck from Malta Mt. Solid Montana truck, good cab corners, solid floor. Drivers side cowl repl...

Updated on March 21 2017