Mustang MD-AWD-500

Our 3,000 HP, 190 MPH, AWD Mustang Dyno is capable of handling all your tuning needs. We offer full tuning services for front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles.

The dyno is available during normal business hours but we realize that most of you work those same hours so feel free to contact us about Saturday appointment possibilities.

Please be sure that your car is ready for the dyno. Dynos have a way of finding the weaknesses or other things that were forgotten during the build process. We have created a pre-dyno checklist, which should cover most of the items that should be checked over before a dyno session. We realize that not everything goes right the first time out after a build but would appreciate everyone being as ready as possible.

Tuning appointments that are cut short due to vehicles not being properly prepped will result in loss of deposit, and fees will be assessed to cover time spent working on or tuning the vehicle.

  • Dyno Pricing:

    $125 for 3 pulls, hp and tq only
    we secure the vehicle on the dyno and run it for 3 consistent pulls back to back with cool down time in between as necessary

  • Add Wideband O2:

    + $15

  • Boost Reference:

    + $15

  • Special appointments on Saturdays:


  • Dyno Rental:

    we secure the vehicle on the dyno and run the program for you; running the vehicle once it is secured and any tuning will be your responsibility

    Wideband O2 + boost included

  • Call for Full Day Rate or "Dyno Day":