Dyno Tuning Laptop Mount

Throttle Works is an automotive performance shop in Boise, Idaho. They build race cars and street cars that they tune on their AWD Mustang Dyno. Now they have a new tool!

They come up with a tool for any serious tuner that spends hours bent over the center console during the tuning process.

Their Dyno Tuning Laptop Mount attaches to the passenger window with a heavy duty (110 pounds) suction cup bracket. It offers six pivot points which makes it a perfect fit for any vehicle. During testing we successfully installed and tuned with the on everything from a Ford Raptor Pickup (wide, tall cabin) to a 5th Gen Camaro with its low ceiling height. Some cars may have side windows with too much curve to allow a good suction surface to attach to. So far the Mitsubishi 3000GT is the only car they have come across with this issue.

Everything is included in the kit to get you up and comfortably tuning in less than 2 minutes.

Suction cup bracket

Non-adjustable arm

Adjustable arm

Laptop tray

Adhesive backed Velcro strips 

First photo
Second photo